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United Ventures is a first-round venture capital firm that invests in small businesses and startups. The company prides itself on innovation and supporting companies with bright ideas. To continue being at the forefront of innovation and improve their rate of winning opportunities, United Ventures felt it was time to invest in themselves.


We spoke with teams that choose venture capitalist firms as their investment partner. A high-level of professionalism and keen interest in supporting new innovative ideas became reoccurring themes. We wanted to help United Ventures capture these two prominent themes and implement them in a new visual identity, so they can quickly express to businesses and startups what they care most about.

Project Information

Landlords who use Airbnb do everything on their own, from listing their property to managing it. Sorted Guest makes things easy by offering a simple and comprehensive management service. The startup faced a complex problem: growth has slowed due to the emergence of new competitors and the existing brand identity had run out of steam.

We looked at what matters most to landlords and their guests. Great importance is placed on the letting experience: landlords want properties to be inviting; guests want to feel more at home while they’re away. Our focus was to place a wonderful letting experience at the center of the visual identity, helping Sorted Guest position themselves as an industry leader and achieve long-term growth.