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2 spots left in Q2 2023

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“We are over-subscribed and off to the races!”

“Kris, wanted to update you -- a flood of customers came in when I announced on YC. We are oversubscribed on the investment deal and off to the races!”

Anna Joo Fee

Founder & CEO

What you get in just 3 weeks

Refined Brand Strategy

The first thing we'll do is develop the best brand strategy for your company. This includes reviewing your offer and value prop and making sure they are communicated as clear as possible.

Compelling Visual Identity

We'll strategically build your logo, visual identity and brand collateral. Our founder is a former Head of Design at a YC startup who's worked with some of the fastest growing companies in the world today.

High-Converting Landing Page

Our extremely talented team of developers will build you a compelling, fully-functional new landing page, designed to drive new signups, leads—whatever your objectives may be.

Complete Presentation Deck

Want to raise capital, or deliver presentations often? We'll build you presentation deck that does the heavy-lifting: structured, written and designed using tried-and-tested formulas.

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

Consistency helps you build trust and credibility. We provide you with a full set of custom brand guidelines to ensure consistency and alignment across your product, team and brand.

Cost-Effective & Fast

Finally, working with us can cost up to 420% less than a traditional brick-and-mortar agency—while providing you with the same deliverables, in less time.

Become one-of-a-kind

As Peter Thiel likes to say, “Competition is for losers”. We’re here to help you build a one-of-a-kind company.

I’m a former Head of Design at a Y-Combinator startup and, together with my team at Fairlyles, have generated $4,200,000+ for clients and won 7 awards.

Just recently, a sprint we ran went on to generate $1M+ during the first weekend of launching. If you are curious to discover what we can do for you, click any yellow button to get a FREE audit.

Kris Phoenix
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

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2 spots left in Q2 2023

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Frequently asked questions

Who do you work with?

We work primarily with Founders, CEOs & CMOs from a variety of different industries & companies.

Who have you worked with?

We have run sprints for a variety of companies led by teams from some of the biggest organisations in the world, including Google, Amazon, Phillips and many others.

What type of results can I expect?

We’ve ran multiple brand sprints over the last four years. In fact, we just recently ran a sprint that generated $1M+ over one single weekend. In other words, sky is the limit. That being said, we can’t guarantee such crazy numbers right off the bat. What we can guarantee, however, is that your brand will be engineered to drive new growth for years to come.

How long does it take you to run a sprint?

It depends on how many pages you need designed and built. On average, it takes us 3 weeks to develop your strategy, design your brand, and build your new landing page.

How much do you charge?

Our brand sprint depends on how pages you require. They are substantially less than small to medium-sized brick-and-mortar agencies that often begin at $130,000 for a brand "engagement". Those engagements provide you with less (as they do not include site design or development), take longer to complete (6+ months) and cost up to 420% more.

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